My name is Larisa, I’m 35 and I live in a village called Flackwell Heath with my husband Chris, our young daughters Audrey and Margot, and our two cats Alfie and Lily. 

We bought Northern Woods Farm 8 years ago. At the time it was a beautiful old farmhouse in need of a bit of love. We have been slowly renovating it, amidst other distractions such as getting married and having babies, but we are getting there!

The beating heart of our home is our kitchen – we love to eat, cook, drink wine, throw parties and to do all of the above with our family and friends. Our other love is the garden: unfortunately the farm’s fields are long gone, but we grow what we can in our garden and little orchard. We recently built a wood-fired oven in the garden and like to cook outdoors whenever we can. You can find some of my favourite recipes on this site.

Since November 2019, I have been baking bread to order for local customers, once a week, in the Northern Woods Farm microbakery. Take a look at my Weekly Menu to see what I am baking this week!

I also run regular workshops in the Northern Woods Farm kitchen, teaching small groups how to bake their own bread at home. You can find more information on the workshops here: https://northernwoodsfarm.com/courses/